Dept. of Journalism, Communication and Media Studies
State University of Bangladesh (SUB)

We conduct research on media, communication, innovation and provide research and consultancy services to GO, NGOs and IGOs.

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Diverse Approach

We promote diversity in the organization by attracting and developing individuals regardless of their age, sex, religion, race, disability status etc. We are committed to fostering an organizational culture of inclusion and diversity.

Professional Team

Our team is composed of highly skilled, most talented and committed professionals in our core ares of research and consultancy. We strive to keep our professionals updated with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) .

Expert Advice

Our professional team is ready to take care of your customized needs and provide you expert opinion related to media, communication, education, development and related matters.

Result Based

We follow Result-based management (RBM). All our actions and use of resources are oriented towards achieving clearly-defined and measurable results.

Research areas of CICG

Research conducted at the CICG Center encompasses a wide spectrum of social science domains, which include communication and media, education, innovation, governance, development, and associated fields


Strategic and development communication,
corporate communications, communication strategy formulation


Creativity, problem-solving,
research & development,
technological advancement, innovation in media sector


Media literacy, professional development of journalists, media law and regulation,
mobile journalism, journalistic skills


Educational policy, educational reform and educational administration

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning,
Content Generation,
Cyber Security, Ai and Research, Ai & Creativity


Transparency, Rule of Law, Regulatory Framework, Strategic Vision and
Crisis Management,
Civil Society

Health Communication

Health Literacy, Behavioral Change Communication,
Doctor-Patient Communication,
Community Engagement,
Health Campaign, Healthcare Marketing & Promotion

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We undertake all types of research and consultancy on Communication, Media, Governance, Innovation, Health Communication and Artificial Intelligence.

GO, NGO, IGO, academia, think tanks, civil society all can be benefited from our research and consultancy services 

Here we provide unique opportunities for like minded people to work on the basis of equality, mutual respect and recognition. 

It is easy to contact with CICG over phone or via email. Please feel free to use the contact form.

Our Center

Center for Innovation, Communication and Governance (CICG) has been established to provide research and consultancy services on communication, media, innovation, governance and developmental issues affecting the interests of Bangladesh at the national, regional and global levels.

CICG is a non-political, independent research and consultancy centre primarily run by scholars, journalists, researchers and academics working at different organizations at home and abroad.

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