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Center for Innovation, Communication and Governance (CICG) has been established to provide research and consultancy services on media, communication, education health, governance and developmental issues affecting the interests of Bangladesh at the national, regional and global levels. CICG is a non-political, independent research and consultancy center primarily run by scholars, journalists, researchers and academics working at different organizations at home and abroad. 

The primary objective of CICG is to study the changes in the global socio-political and economic landscape resulting from emerging media and digital technologies. The center aims to identify the substantial potentials that media and new technologies can offer to enhance governance and development initiatives not only in Bangladesh but also on a broader scale. Across the world, countries are increasingly utilizing media technologies to attain developmental objectives and ensure effective governance. Harnessing the transformative power of media requires comprehensive discussions within wider socio-economic, political, and educational contexts of any society. It is imperative to provide regular on-the-job training and orientation to media professionals and journalists. Furthermore, due attention must be given to the expansive and ever-evolving policy and regulatory issues associated with media technology itself.

Nevertheless, in Bangladesh, discussions and dialogues surrounding the media have largely remained ensnared in the generation of outdated developmental concepts, where scholars and members of civil society tend to perceive its role in a traditional dichotomous framework—freedom versus non-freedom. Such debates obscure the intricate roles, functions, and regulations of the media, considering the diverse and often multifaceted relationships between media and society in the era of globalization and democratization. Contemporary media discussions now encompass a spectrum of socio-political, legal, educational, and economic issues. CICG is anticipated to evolve into a national institution that offers cutting-edge research, training, and consultancy services while also presenting thought-provoking policy matters in he realms of media, governance, and related domains.


The primary objectives of CICG is to conduct research, consultancy and deliberations on media, governance and developmental issues concerning Bangladesh at the local, regional and global levels. More specifically the objectives are:

  • To conduct research on media, communication, education, governance, development and related affairs
  • To provide consultancy services to GO, NGOs and IGOs in the specialized areas of CICG
  • To establish institutional relationships with media, governance and international affairs related organizations at home and abroad