Our Research

We do research

We conduct research, consultancy and deliberations on media, governance and developmental issues.

CICG’s core objective is to study the changes in the global socio-political and economic landscape as a result of new media and digital technologies and to identify the enormous potentials that media and new technologies may offer to the good governance and development initiatives of Bangladesh and beyond.  Media technologies are increasingly being used by the countries of the world to achieve developmental goals and to ensure good governance. To utilize media’s enormous potentials as change agents, media’s role in any given society much be discussed in wider socio-economic, political and educational contexts. Media professionals and journalists need on-the-job training and orientation on a regular basis. In addition to this, media technology itself merits attention as vast, ever-changing policy and regulatory issues associated with this.

Our areas of research

Strategic communication, communication and development, communication strategy formulation, international communication and international relations

Creativity, problem-solving,
research & development,
technological advancement, innovation in media sector

Socio, political and economic development, national and international affairs, corruption etc. 

Media development, professional development of journalists, media law and regulation

Educational policy, educational reform and educational administration and leadership

Population, health communication and alternative medicine

Machine Learning,
Content Generation,
Cyber Security, Ai and Research, Ai & Creativity

The areas of research mentioned here is not conclusive. The list is subject to change from time to time following our clients' needs and requirements.