Our Team

Team Members


  • Dr. Delaware Arif
    Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of South Alabama, USA

Executive Director

  • Md Shamsul Islam
    Associate Professor & Head, JCMS, SUB


  • Rifat Sultana, Assistant Professor, JCMS, SUB

RESEARCH associates

  • Abdur Razzak Sohel, Lecturer, JCMS, SUB
  • Mohammad Biyazid Khan, Lecturer, JCMS, SUB
  • Asrafun Naher, Lecturer, JCMS, SUB

We are looking for people!

If you are interested in research  and consultancy and want to work with us as partners, consultants, interns, please see our about and research sections to understand our interests.  We are always happy to have some brain muscles to reach our goal together!